IMS Certified
ISO ‎9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 18001:2007‎
Members of:

Mechanical department.‎
This department is very central to KNWI’s operations. It has grown from a single hired mechanic when ‎we began with one lorry to a large well equipped team with the capacity to maintain and repair all our ‎vehicles and machines large and small.‎
We have well trained and dedicated mechanics and facilitate further external training for them to ‎ensure continuous improvement. we also have an internal training plan to upgrade our team and have ‎members certified where possible.‎
All KNWI drivers fall under the mechanical department. They all hold valid authenticated licenses of ‎the correct class for the vehicles they drive, they undergo annual medical and defensive driving ‎training and have a minimum of 3 years’ experience.‎
Machine operators are also members of the mechanical team, they also receive training when possible ‎and receive regular external certificated ‎